Monday, June 10, 2013

empty can of natural ice
empty glass of jim beam
empty mug of champagne
bladder full
I may have to get up
your reporter on the edge of great discoveries
first things first
time to pee

2 beers left
and someone left the jim beam bottle on the counter
its a shame im gonna kill it
its a one drink serving
surely it has been left for me?

the great discovery tonight is that I prefer the blackness
I prefess unconsciousness to consciousness
I long for veil
the passport to a better world
a world where I am in a mall
racing down stairs at top speed
with an unidentifiable homie

who is this homie?
why are we racing thru a mall at top speed

the convo switches to arcade games
I prefer the bubble hockey
the one with the levers
he prefers a video version
and we are talking about a racing car game in the middle of the same thought

my toes are tickled and I may never see that movie I was racing to
dreams are a mystery
especially the stupid ones
perhaps I am the stupid one
perhaps I should analyze the dream to plot the course of whats left of my life
I don't have a long shelf life
I have an angry lesbian after me

by the time you read these words I may already be dead
she is no one to fuck with


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